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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Please Read carefully as the questions below may be the exact same questions that you want to ask us. CV Warehaus will only reply by email to questions not already answered here.

1. Do you guarantee calls for interview or employment?

No we do not. As per our Terms of Service, CV Warehaus is not a recruitment company. We are a CV/Profile forwarder service in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah) and GCC (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). We have no control as to the response of companies in our database.


2. I am currently employed. Can I use your service?

When you register, you can inform us which email address(es) or domain name(s) to remove from the mailing list. However, your employer may still be able to receive your CV via other email addresses that you may not be aware of as our system is quite comprehensive. Your current employer, ideally, will not be able to receive your application but we cannot guarantee this. You upload at your own risk.


3. Do you segregate the database into business categories?

No. We prefer to send out your CV to the full database system to maximize your exposure to all possible employers regardless of industry or nature of business. Most fields of work are multi-sectoral, so it pays to send your CV to the entire list in our database which is about 100,000 companies.


4. Can I use your service if I am not based in the UAE?

Yes. However, most employers in the UAE prefer to hire those who are actually already in the UAE. Some employers may hire qualified candidates from abroad.


5. In case I need to update my registration after payment, how do I do it?

After payment, you can update your application by sending the updated files such as your CV and other changes along with your payment details to as soon as you have paid. We will process the most updated version. However, once you have received the Payment Confirmation email, no update in your registration will be accepted.


6. How many transactions are covered by one payment for CV Distribution and CV Editing?

One payment is equivalent to one transaction. If you wish to use our services again after we have already processed your initial transaction, we will require that you pay for the succeeding service.


7. How many times will you send my CV to the email addresses in your database?

Your CV will be sent to the full list of companies in our database in one go, in one day, and only ONCE. If you wish to have your CV sent again, you need to undergo the same process and make a new payment. However, if our own records show that your upload was not 100% successful, we will automatically resend your CV for free on our own initiative until upload is fully successful.


8. How long does it take for transaction to be processed?

Please refer to the List of Services and Prices for the number of days required to process your transanction. Based on customer feedback, results are very good once upload has been made. If you are on a limited time frame, please register early to beat the queue or avail of the Express Service.


9. How long shall I wait to receive confirmation of my registration or payment, or answer to my query?

Once you send us an email, we will try to get back to you in 48 hours. Please be patient and wait for 48 hours before sending a follow up email. Our reply depends on the volume of emails being answered. Usually, it will take between 1-2 days, but if the volume is high, it may take some time before receiving a reply (3-4 days). We appreciate it if you do not send us multiple emails.


10. When are the best and worst months for employment applicaton?

It is good to apply the whole year round. However, during the months of July and August and the Christmas season, most managers go on long term leave of absence. Expect a slow turn out during these periods.


11. What CV format and size are most acceptable?

The file formats .doc and .pdf are still the most widely accepted and readable formats. Size should be less than 1MB.


12. Can I register and pay in advance, and ask you to keep my CV on hold until such time that I need to have it sent?

Yes. We can process your payment and put your CV on queue and keep it on hold as per your request until you give us the go signal to send it. This ensures your CV is on top of the queue and can be readily sent out.


13. What can I expect from the Express Distribution Service?

Your registration and payment will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt by CV Warehaus. Your CV will be sent ONCE to the full database within 24-48 hours of payment confirmation. We, however, do not guarantee any calls for interview or employment.


14. What can I expect from the Express Editing Service?

Your registration and payment will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt by CV Warehaus and be returned within 24-48 hours of payment confirmation.


15. What are the different services and how much does each one cost?

Please see the LIST OF SERVICES AND PRICES below. A full list of prices, services and methods of payment will be made available once registered.

Services Price List

16. How will I be contacted by prospective employers?

We do not guarantee any calls for interview or promise any employment opportunity. However, make sure that the contact number and email address that you have provided in your CV are active, current and correct as these will be the means of communication between you and the companies who will receive your application.


17. What kind of database do you have?

Our database is complied from published sources. However, for your own security, it is best to limit personal information in your CV such as your residence address.


18. Which countries are included in the GCC (Except UAE) database?

These will be Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).


19. What if I do not want changes made to my registration and files?

CV Warehaus reserves the right to make minimal changes to the client's registration and files to make them more presentable, readable and concise. However, if you do not want changes in your CV, Cover Letter or Subject Line, please instruct us specifically when you send your registration or payment.


20. What if I made a mistake with regards the SERVICE that I have advised/registered for?

It is important to write the correct SERVICE that you are paying for. Any mistake on the SERVICE as advised by the client will not be subject to reconsideration once the service has been fulfilled by CV Warehaus.


21. If I am a repeat customer, what should I do to maximize the results of my succeeding uploads?

If you are a repeat customer, we advise you to use a different email address for every upload in order to maximize the results. Also, make sure that your CV is clean, organized and easy on the eyes.


22. How does CV Warehaus help the jobseeker?

CV Warehaus sends your CV to a huge database of companies in the UAE and GCC in a short number of days for a reasonable amount of payment on your part. We do the hard work for you, as opposed to: 1. the expenses incurred if you apply on your own like printing, transportation, internet and food costs; 2. the time it takes for you to send emails to companies, and; 3. the effort it takes for you to do a walk-in. We try our best to make the job search "fast, affordable and smart" for you.


23. What is the business card (bizcard) and portfolio distribution service?

The business card and portfolio distribution service is open only to those who have their OWN VISA who work as FREELANCERS or CONSULTANTS and whose business card distribution is in the nature of a PLACEMENT SEARCH. We will distribute a client's business card and portfolio or business profile to the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain) or GCC (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) or both the UAE and GCC.


24. What is the Professional Consultation Service (Ask Us)?

This service is recommended for clients who require professional advice regarding the UAE and GCC labour markets, evaluation of CV and cover letter, employment and labour issues in the UAE and GCC, help and tips regarding living and working in the UAE and GCC, additional push to maximise the job application process and general information about the GCC countries and the Middle East.

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